You have a unique offering that competitors can’t touch. Do you know what it is?

We help you articulate your value message and package it in easy digital bites that consumers crave.

Video has replaced text for lead generation, pre-sales, training, and support. Using the latest market data on video consumption habits, we can advise on the style and formats that will optimize your investments.

Below are a few examples from video work completed for clients in the Seattle area. 

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Prior to the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, we wanted to provide the market a preview of a new UI and build excitement for tablet PCs.

Developers wrote an interactive UI based on the planned storyboard for a 60 second “commercial” which when combined with key action word graphics and stock video clips resulted in a fast-paced designed to build excitement.

A Bellevue shopping mall with an international market food court wanted to attract patrons of the cinema across the parking lot.  The key messages where fresh ingredients,  menu variety, and fun for the family.  The cinema was contracted to deliver over 110,000 viewer impressions over the summer “blockbuster” season.

Production involved several on-site visits at varying time of the day to capture footage from early food preps, lunch time diners, and evening entertainment provided by the mall. All clips were shot with available light.

This short film is the basis for an EPK (Electronic Press Kit). The film was edited into chapters that tell a story or can be hosted as standalone clips across a variety social platforms.

This was filmed over the course of a year as the album was developed in the studio. The final story arc was created after completion of the filming as well as the visual language, i.e., closeups are full screen with longer shots always cropped to create a visual depth of field. 

With the growing need to feed the social drip marketing engine, a two minute video format series was designed to provides actionable tips (value) in a casual (approachable) format using Skype at very low cost.

To avoid a boring screencast a casual Skype video format (shooting from homes) was chosen to better engage viewers, and put a personal face on a consulting organization. Using Skype had additional advantages of reducing costs and minimizing the time commitments asked of actively billing consultants.

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Wendell and team uses product management and product marketing techniques to help businesses…

  • Design the right product for the market

  • Identify the CORE VALUE PROPOSITION & message

  • Deliver the message cost effectively via digital marketing

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in sales consulting, product management, marketing, and strategy with startups and global corporations, we have the knowledge to go beyond the “eye candy” to uncover the visual message that drives your business goals.

When not serving clients, Wendell focuses on developments in CRM, mobile apps, and video marketing.

Wendell also serves on the board of the Product Management Consortium.

Wendell is an extremely bright and industrious individual. Found him to be most thorough in his analysis of things that needed to be done yet still able to make decisions and prioritize based on timelines or changing conditions. When Wendell decided to leave there was a lot of concern in the development team that he interacted with. They were truly distressed to see him leave due to his ability to communicate with them, a skill sadly lacking in many.
Earl EldridgeSenior Director, Oracle Corp
Wendell will bring deep insight, exceptional product management/marketing skills, and strong team leadership to any organization. One of his key qualities is the ability to focus strategically and execute tactically. He can both shape the vision as well as get down into the execution details, e.g. user stories. He is tenacious in achieving the mission and goals.
Mark CorleyCEO, CWR Mobility

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