Use Short Videos for Better B2B Sales

7K0A0611Over on “Business 2 Community” Bruce McKenzie posted a great article on three ways to use short video to extend your B2B sales reach.

First it’s important to remember that in B2B the buying decision is made by a team of stakeholders with very different objectives and needs. ¬†Create short videos for specific roles such as finance, operations, and customer support.

Second, think mobile. From my background managing mobile app products, I always think mobile first, but realize that many folks don’t realize that over half of all research done by executives are done on their mobile devices. ¬†Done right, viewers prefer watching a video over reading tiny text on their phones.

And lastly, email, the good old backbone of B2B sales can enjoy a significant boost when linked to video content. In fact email with an unmistakable video call-to-action button have a 53% higher open rate than emails that do not!

So, video can be very effective when done right and that’s where our product management and marketing skills come into play. We can help identify stakeholders (personas) and messages (value propositions) that engage and educate buyers on their decision journey. The video is just the icing on the cake.



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